Here at Deluxe Towing we'll handle any job, big or small.
We have a fleet of specialized equipment to suit any job.

Our capabilities include:
Towing - Light, Medium and Heavy Duty, Motorcycle Towing, Off-Road Recovery Assistance, Lock-outs and Jump Starts, Reloads, Wenching and Tire Changes.

Light Duty Towing
Deluxe Towing operates a number of light duty wreckers that are designed to tow all types of cars and light trucks. These trucks are utilized for routine tow calls effectively.
Medium Duty Towing
Deluxe Towing operates medium duty wreckers to assist situations that require additional pulling power and recovery system.
Heavy Duty Towing
Deluxe Towing services large vehicles including buses, construction equipment, motor homes, tanks, aircraft and fire and emergency vehicles. We will provide efficient service with great care to ensure the safety and security of your truck, trailer and cargo.
Flatbed Hauling Service
Deluxe Towing offers flatbed hauling when other means of towing are not an option. This type of service is secure and effective without causing damage. Motorcycles, Classic cars, low ground clearance vehicles or auto-accident vehicles that are too damaged to properly and safely tow.
Off-Road Recovery Assistance
Deluxe Towing will provide recovery services to recoveries of all levels.
Lock Out Service and Jump Starts
Busy day, running late and you lock your keys in your vehicle. No worries, Deluxe Towing has professional and careful car locksmith technicians. We will safely unlock your car and extract your locked keys from inside with no damage to your vehicle.
Don't let a dead car battery ruin your day, call Deluxe Towing Our tow truck drivers will arrive quick to get your vehicle running and back on the road. Even if you are in an area with restricted access such as a parking garage or home garage. We will use our jump box to provide the car battery's jump.
Tire Changes
Flat tire, No problem we provide tire change service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rain or shine we will provide the needed service.  In the event the tire cannot be changed, the vehicle can be towed to a tire shop.
Relocation Contracts
Customers authorizes and directs relocator to remove and tow all illegally parked or trespassing vehicles from the property(s) described on the contract.
Winching Service
Winching and Pull Out Service are used to pull vehicles out of the snow, mud, water and even ditches. Drivers are equipped with the right equipment to pull you out of a jam anytime.