About Us

Deluxe Towing was founded by Kudge Foster, a local resident of the Dupage County area. Kudge was involved at an early age in the towing industry, starting out at the age of 13 helping out at full service gas stations. This led him to become involved with towing at a very early age. In between pumping gas and fixing cars and trucks he would either ride along with the more experienced drivers or go out on calls himself. This led Kudge to realize how many people out there truly needed help in the local communities. 

After a friend and owner of one of the service stations passed away, Kudge decided to open his own towing company. Deluxe Towing opened for business in January of 1985. Through the years Deluxe has helped and met many good people and great companies that have since become both our customers and friends. Our motto through the years has remained unchanged: Deal honestly and fairly with our customers, do a good job or don't do it at all, and to provide friendly, professional service at a reasonable price.